2 year position as postdoctoral researcher

2 year position as postdoctoral researcher

Aug 20, 2011


Within the ANR-FWF project STRUCTURAL there is a 2 year position as postdoctoral researcher

at the Computational Logic group of the Institute of Computer Science, University of Innsbruck, Austria. It might be possible to extend the position to a 3 year position. Candidates are required to hold a PhD degree.

A strong background in the themes of the STRUCTURAL project is an asset. This project is about bringing together different aspects and developments in structural proof theory, namely “deep inference”, the “Curry-Howard correspondence”, “term rewriting”, and “Hilbert’s
epsilon-calculus”. Candidates with a strong theoretical background in related areas are also encouraged to apply.

Candidates are expected to contribute to research within the project. Knowledge of German is an advantage but not essential. The annual gross salary is approximately EUR 46,000.

Applications (including CV, publication list, and two references) may be sent by email, to


no later than August 20, 2011. Informal inquiries are also welcome at the same email address.

Further information is available from the following links:

*) Project STRUCTURAL:

*) Institute of Computer Science:
*) University of Innsbruck:

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