NLSR 2014

NLSR 2014, International Workshop on Natural Language Services for Reasoners, July 14-17, 2014, Vienna, Austria.


Mar 16, 2014

FLoC Workshops, affliated to RTA-TLCA joint conference


To bring together groups in natural language processing and automatic
reasoning To increase awareness of natural language techniques in
automatic reasoning


* Multilingual on-line accessible mathematical content

* Advanced tools for automated and interactive theorem proving and
problem solving.

* Rigorous reasoning methods and tools;

* Formal methods and tools (making them more accessible to

* Generating explanations from business rules.

Paper Submission

We welcome submission of extended abstracts and demonstration
proposals presenting original unpublished work which is not been
submitted for publication elsewhere.

All accepted extended abstracts and demonstrations will be presented
at the workshop. The extended abstracts will be made available online.

Extended abstracts and demonstration proposals should be submitted via

At least one author of each accepted extended abstract/demonstration
proposal is expected to attend NLSR and present his/her work.

Some Tags: Workshop, reasoning, International, business, services, Theorem Proving, language, Natural Language processing, interactive theorem proving, formal methods

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