The Federation

How can dozens of logic related societies, sociologically evolved communities and conference affiliates be re-united without losing their historical identities?

Our solution is inspired by the manner in which the European AI societies are organised into ECCAI (European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence): there is one registered society, namely ECCAI, whose members are the European national AI-Societies. With the growing unification of Europe there are currently more than 25 members who represent all European AI researchers and whose representatives meet every two years at the time of ECCAI, the European Conference of Artificial Intelligence.

The idea for IFCoLog is similar: The International Federation for Computational Logic (IFCoLog) has been created and legally registered, whose members are the current (and future) communities related to computational logic. Some of these are actually organised into legal societies, others are simply associated with a conference, but nevertheless form a scientific community of considerable size and importance.

To make this workable, it will be required to form an organisational structure that does not infringe on the interests of the individual communities but nevertheless ensures maximum cohesion.