CoLog Roadmap

A Roadmap for Computational Logic

To understand the nature and the connections between the different areas of computational logic we need to adopt a point of view. Traditionally, this logical point of view has been dominated during the last two centuries by its foundation for mathematics in particular and logicism in general. Today’s logic is trying to understand and model the human being in his daily activities. There is strong pressure and urgency from computer science, formal methods, artificial intelligence, robotics, natural language analysis, psychology, philosophy, law, social decision theory, engineering and more, to understand and model human behaviour in these areas with a view of developing and marketing devices which help or replace the human in his activities in these areas. This is a difficult, urgent and lucrative task and these needs have accelerated the evolution of logic in the last century.

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By D. Gabbay, S. Hölldobler & J. Siekmann