NCMA 2013

5th International Workshop on: “Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications” (NCMA 2013)


May 26, 2013

Call for paper — please distribute — Call for paper

5th International Workshop on
“Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications”
(NCMA 2013)
August 13 – 14, 2013, in Umea (Sweden)
– Call for Papers -

Research papers are invited that contain original contributions on
non-classical models of automata and applications and related subjects.
Many non-classical models of automata and grammar-like structures are
the natural objects of theoretical computer science. They are studied
from different points of view in various areas, both as theoretical
concepts and as formal models for applications. sac a dos fjallraven soldes The aim of the workshops on
“Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications”
is to provide an opportunity for researchers that work on different
aspects of non-classical models of automata and grammars to exchange and
develop novel ideas. Fjallraven Kanken 7L Topics for NCMA 2013 include the following:
– formal models inspired by Linguistics, Bio-Computing, Text Processing,
Engineering, Self-Assemblance, etc.,
– bio-inspired models of automata and generative devices,
– cellular automata,
– forgetting automata and restarting automata,
– automata with additional resources,
– regulated rewriting/automata,
– networks of automata or generative devices,
– models of cooperation and communication,
– quantum automata,
but other related topics are also welcome. In particular, it should be
stressed that also contributions dealing with questions on classical
automata and generative devices are welcome.

The first workshop on Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications,
NCMA 2009, was held in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2009 as a satellite event of
FCT 2009, sponsored by the AutoMathA project of the European Science
Foundation (ESF). The second workshop, NCMA 2010, was held in Jena,
Germany, as an associated workshop of the Conference on
Membrane Computing (CMC 2010), the third workshop, NCMA 2011, was
organized at the Universita degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy, and
the fourth workshop, NCMA 2012, was held in Fribourg, Switzerland. The
proceedings of these workshops have appeared as volumes 256, 263, 282,
and 290 in the series of the Austrian Computer Society. Air Max 2017 Goedkoop In
addition, special issues of Fundamenta Informaticae were dedicated to
NCMA 2009 (Vol. nike air max 1 pas cher 104 (1-2), 2010) and to NCMA 2010 (Vol. 112 (2-3),
2011), a special issue of RAIRO Theoretical Informatics and Applications
was dedicated to NCMA 2011 (Vol. sac a dos fjallraven kanken femme 46 (4), 2012), and a special issue of
RAIRO Theoretical Informatics and Applications for NCMA 2012 is in
preparation. nike air max 2017 goedkoop The proceedings of NCMA 2013 will again appear as a volume
in the series, and extended and carefully revised versions
of selected contributions will be published in a special issue of
Fundamenta Informaticae.

Important Dates:

Deadline for submissions: May 26, 2013
Notification of acceptance: June 23, 2013
Deadline for final papers: July 14, 2013
Workshop: August 13-14, 2013.


Authors are invited to submit papers of up to 16 pages in OCG-style
(please see the web-page “” for detailed
information) in electronic form (Postscript or PDF). All submissions
will be reviewed by at least three referees. Proofs omitted due to space
constraints may be put into an appendix that will be read by the
reviewers at their discretion. Simultaneous submissions to other
conferences or workshops with published proceedings is not allowed. To
submit your paper, please visit

Program Committee:
– Suna Bensch (Umea, Co-Chair)
– Henning Bordihn (Potsdam, Germany)
– Frank Drewes (Umea, Co-Chair)
– Jerome Durand-Lose (Orleans, France)
– Mika Hirvensalo (Turku, Finland)
– Mario de Jesus Perez Jimenez (Sevilla, Spain)
– Martin Kutrib (Giessen, Germany)
– Florin Manea (Kiel, Germany)
– Peter Leupold (Leipzig, Germany)
– Andreas Maletti (Stuttgart, Germany)
– Frantisek Mraz (Prag, Czech Republic)
– Friedrich Otto (Kassel, Germany, Co-Chair)
– Beatrice Palano (Mailand, Italy)
– Daniel Reidenbach (Loughborough, Great Britain)
– Rogerio Reis (Porto, Portugal)
– Bianca Truthe (Magdeburg, Germany)
– Gyorgy Vaszil (Debrecen, Hungary)
– Mikhail Volkov (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Local Organizers:
– Suna Bensch
– Martin Berglund
– Henrik Bjorklund
– Johanna Bjorklund
– Frank Drewes
– Niklas Zechner

Local Information:
Umea is easily reached by plane, as there are numerous daily flights to
and from Stockholm.

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