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Manifesto of the IFCoLog Administration, Communication, and Donations Cooperative (IFCoLog ACDC).

IFColog ACDC is a new initiative designed to help groups in computational logic administer their finances.

1) Aims

1.1) The goal of the IFCoLog ACDC is to facilitate the cooperation of organisations in computational logic ─ which are members of IFCoLog ─ that wish to cooperate in the administration of their accounts […]

IFCoLog Conference Proceedings Series Launched

IFCoLog, in association with College Publications, invites submissions for publication in its dedicated conference and proceedings series.

To submit a conference proceedings please email us.

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Currently we accept only pdf submissions formatted in LaTeX according to the Easychair documentclass. For submissions using other styles contact us.

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Link To IFCoLog

To add a small link to IFCoLog just add this code to your website: <a href=””><img title=”IFCoLog” src=”” alt=”IFCoLog” /></a>

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Avoid Conference Clashes

Check the IFCoLog Calendar and Post Your Dates EARLY. In August 2011 CADE clashes ESSLLI. In July 2012 the MCCSIS multifonference on Informatics clashes with the CICM conference on intelligent computer mathematics. Do you know when and where ESSLLI is set to occur in 2012? International conference coordination is possible. Check the IFCoLog Calendar for […]



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IFCoLog Post Page Launched

To post a conference, cfp or job listing just fill in the form on our POST SUBMISSION PAGE Some Tags: text, Job, Conference